Finally some colour on those chillies

In food, photos on July 17, 2006 at 5:04 pm

As you may remember, I planned to show the progress of the chilli plant in the window…well, here is a quick summary before showing you the nearly final steps before harvesting…

The chilli plant started pretty small, back in April/May this year. It was purchased from Dobby’s near Dalkeith.

First it started growing like mad, and was soon a little top heavy with leaves and began to flower. The small white flowers were the first pictures I posted…check them out: first flowers, more growth!

Then voila, the flowers began to die and chillies appear in their place…first pictures back in June, see the first chilli and more!

Well, for a spectacularly long time I’ve been watering, feeding and willing on the growth of more. For a while there, the chilli plant was nearly toppling over with the number of green, growing chillies, and now finally, they are starting to turn purple, with some of the wee ones bright red already!

Red and Green Chillis

A few days more and harvesting may well begin…

Chilli Plant July 06

Chilli plant close up



Full Chilli Plant Picture

The full effect!



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