Chili Tasting

In food, photos, useful on July 22, 2006 at 4:14 pm

Yesterday was taste-test day for the homegrown chillies. Let me first show off the first chili fruit taken from the plant…

2 homegrown chillies

Chillies fresh from the plant

more chopped chillies

Homegrown Chillies


Now, the tasting notes:

Well, freshly picked chillies seem to have a strong aroma when cut into, I was surprised by how hot and spicy the chillies were – and I didn’t even eat the seeds raw, just tasted a bit of the flesh…

I tasted the red chili first. It was hot, spicy, with a good fresh yet slightly mellow and sweet flavour. Definitely good for stir frying, pasta sauces and general heat to add to a spicy dish.

Then I tasted a bit of the green chili – it was much hotter, very fresh tasting and with a pronounced zing. I think I could even make Laab with these, although I usually use birds-eye chillies. It would also be good to add to Indian curries for a bit of extra kick.

I think I will be growing more of these! And the plant is pretty too, although mine is now kinda toppling over with the weight of all those chillies! Better get harvesting soon…

And finally, a recipe from cookalicious, try this dish with your homegrown or shop-bought chillies, great for summer! Spaghetti with Spicy Tomato and Chorizo Sauce.


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